So here is my latest digital sculpture, i called her\it Bella, i was trying to create something inhuman, painful and scary. there is something about not having eyes that makes it hard to identify with.

i was also trying to experiment with fleshy textures and veining, its amazing how many different colours there are in flesh, especially dead or undead (in this case) flesh.

when i was a younger artist i used to wonder why my skin tones looked rubbish…. that was the reason why.

Im using a very simple app on my iPad to create these models called 123d Sculpt+ its incredibly powerful for what it is and is possible to whip up a very good looking model in a very short time (Bella took an hour and a bit). it does have its limitations however. I’m looking into getting Zbrush or another more advanced professional program in the near future.

i never thought id enjoy Digital sculpture so much having only used clay or such like in the past, i don’t want to lose that traditional skill, but this is so much simpler and i think it will help me in my work immensely.