Lake creature concepts

A little while ago i started designing a creature for a talented filmmaker friend of mine, he had a great short film idea revolving around a misunderstood lake creature (can’t give all the details away yet) and he wanted me to design and then build a series of makeups or puppets to show the creature at different stages in its life, from young to old. these are my initial concept sketches for the various looks i thought could work.
It was important to steer away from “the creature in the black lagoon” so i tried to make it as colourful as possible.

I referenced a catfish for the barbel whisker like tentacles as iv always found that look aesthetically satisfying for some reason (possibly the same reason i love long dreadlocks on a monster/alien such as the Predator or Bib Fortuna)
I also think that a soft fleshy mouth with sharp hard teeth is a nice contrast.
These sketches represent only the very beginning of this project, hopefully the film goes through because id love to take this creature from idea to reality at some point.
Stay away from the waters edge…