Mythical Bogles!

This month I have been swamped by a myriad of mini mythical monsters, or Bogles, to be precise!

I have been toying with the idea of creating a range of collectable art toys for some time now. Inspired by a Scottish folk tale about mischievous creatures called Bogles, I started imagining them peeking around stones and rustling through the undergrowth waiting for their next unwitting victims.

These creatures have been brought to life, as you can see below, and I rather like them and their backstory.

“A bogle, boggle or bogill is a Northumbrian and Scottish term for a ghost or folkloric being, it’s used for a variety of related folkloric creatures. They are reputed to live for the simple purpose of perplexing mankind, rather than seriously harming or serving them.” (Wikipedia)


These little creatures are sculpted as one of a kind creations. No two are the same. They stand (or squirm) at 1-2 inches tall in the palm of your hand

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