Robots, Movies and the Makers Fayre

Hello everyone!

It’s certainly been a very interesting few months for me… what with robot suits flying off to Germany, monster making at the Science Festival and lots of new artwork available for sale. Oh and did I mention… Slash liked one of my Instagram posts! It’s the little things that make it all worthwhile.

The Edinburgh Mini Makers Faire 2017
I was extremely delighted to be asked to show my work again this year at the Edinburgh Mini Makers Faire.

The day involved a live sculpture demonstration and I was showing off a selection of my creatures both new and old. The bogles proved to be very popular, as did the new Octopoda!

It was great to meet a lot of you there and to talk to you about what I do.

Recently I have finished designing and building a suit of sci-fi armour for the movie Violent Starr which is currently shooting in Germany!

The brief was to design a robotic character named Grobian-1 to play alongside the lead Bianca Bradey. I won’t give anything else away as i’m very grateful to the director for being so willing to let me show off the armour before the film releases.

Do have a look for Violent Starr if your interested in sci-fi and awesome monsters!

Some of you may have seen the unfinished armour at the Edinburgh Makers Faire and heard me talk about the process of creating him. Below are a few photos of the finished paint job. We will have to wait until 2018 to see the full character in the fantastical world which is being created for the film!